Saturday, December 11, 2010


First off, what is a "Ionosonde"? Well it's a scientific apparatus that measures the reflectivity of the ionosphere, you know the outer layer of the Earth that protect us humans from harmfully cosmic rays such as X and Gamma rays. So, how do you measure a major urban areas rate of decay? What bench mark do you use, Berlin or maybe Detroit ? Well if your a scientists that wants the most decayed and the most problematic city, it would seem the most logical choice would be Detroit.
Taking a walk in downtown Detroit after hours you will see and hear a dieing and decaying metropolis. The few soles that are around are too few to be counted on one hand. Their expressionless faces tells story's of disheartened content of the surroundings. The back alleys behind the empty dance halls which once cultivated Detroit techno, are now only explored by hungry rats. Skyscraper building (that for now are empty) only scrape un-used space.
Telegraphy's "Ionosonde" is a 25 minute scientific measurement of a decaying downtown Detroit. Based on three field recordings by Telegraphy. 1: A alley in Downtown Detroit at night. 2: 3am in the middle of town. 3: Cold overcast day on the 4th floor of the abandon Fisher Body Plant.

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