Sunday, December 26, 2010

D.I.Y. CD sleeves

Thats right they are here. CD sleeves you can make your self. Simply download the pdf that contains front and back album art. Print it out on any standard 8.5 by 11 inch good quality paper. Cut out with scissors, fold and glue. It's easy and you get to use those CD-r's that have been laying around on your desk because you bought that i-pod 3 years ago so you wouldn't look like a loser in front of your friends using that old Walkman CD player while wearing your sweat bans around your wrists and fore head sweating to the beats of some demo D.J. set CD that you picked up at the local record store only because it was marked down from $2 to $1 and it had a sweet cover on it(whew). Well if that's the case. We have better CD covers.

MOM-001 CD sleeve

MOM-002 CD sleeve

MOM-003 CD sleeve

MOM-004 CD sleeve

MOM-005 CD sleeve

MOM-006 CD sleeve

MOM-007 CD sleeve

MOM-008 CD sleeve

MOM-009 CD sleeve