Friday, September 24, 2010


A new image zip file from Telegraphy. This one entitled "up your-up north".

Friday, September 17, 2010

Atwater kent model 10a

By far the oldest radio I had repaired. The Atwater kent model 10a is a TRF
(tuned radio frequency).This was a popular design before the advent of the more sensitive and selective super heterodyne radio. I only had to replace one of the audio amplifier tubes and do a bit of cleaning. As far as I know, it probably hasn't been turned on in over 70 years.

Elley wanys music

From the title track off of the album "Ellie wants music" by Telegraphy.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Mio, MI, 2010

My annual trip to Mio Michigan 2010. This is a compilation of motion photography and stills of the family and friends trip up north. It is also a music video that I made from the "Continuity" album by Monopole which is released on Cyclene records. The track title is "Pink and fuzzy shrapnel".

I thought she was the one video

An excerpt from the title track "I thought she was the one" by Telegraphy.


By my self" is a multi faceted project which encompasses an abandon factory on Detroit's eastside. Spending two consecutive days there making field recordings and back & white photography, Richard Sudney a.k.a. Telegraphy manipulates a left over up-right piano and micro samples of his recordings. The over all feel of this extended play track will leave you by your self in an abandon factory, alone, wandering with no constraints.

download whole album
listen here


download whole album
listen here